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What is china's best Drinking Water?

Estrogen, lead, cyanide, mercury, cyclohexane...

None of these belong in your drinking water.


If you want to keep healthy in China you can't take clean drinking water for granted.


Unless you're in a building or area with old pipes, drinking tap water on occasion probably won't hurt you. The water is heavily chlorinated so any bacteria and parasites are dead. The problem is pollution: heavy metals, industrial chemicals, residues etc. Unfortunately, many "purified" bottled water's still have these same chemicals and at times, more bacteria than even tap water. 


To make choosing safe water easier, Healthy Shenzhen has researched China water data from both official reports and independent testing to recommend your safest bets for clean, pure H2O.

Safest Bottled Water 

Safest Delivered Water 

Safest Water Purifier 

Best Water Purifier

Safest Bottled Waters Brands in China

With numerous "water scandals" over the last years, it turns out purified water has a very loose definition in China.


Bottled water quality can be very inconsistent with smaller companies and even some big ones (C'est Bon).



  Watsons Water 

- Pure Distilled Water -

#1 Safest Choice

Hong Kong's Watsons produces distilled water at 4 plants across China. By boiling the water and only collecting the steam, heavy metals and other pollutants are left behind. 

Coca Cola Brands

- Purified Water by Coca Cola -

#2 Safest Choice

Coca Cola offers a variety of bottled waters in China,. Ice Dew in _ plants across China. The water is made using the same filtering process used by Coca-cola across the world. Our only complaint is the environmentally-friendly thin plastic bottles seem cheap and are therefore easier to counterfeit.

#3 Safest Choice

Hongfu Springs

"Spring Water"

From a "spring" in ____ Nongfu Springs water is bottled. 



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