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How to Choose a Good Doctor

in Mainland China

Can they Speak Your Language?

If you can't communicate well, this isn't gonna work out. Health isn't anything to treat casually.


Please. Please Please ensure your doctor can thoroughly understand you. I've seen far too many misdiagnosis caused by poor physician English skills. It's not worth it.

A single misunderstanding can lead to a wrong diagnosis or at the very least plenty of unneeded stress.

What are their Credentials?

Not all credentials are equal. 

For a week, Jon kept getting stomach pain after eating. It was getting worse. When the pain suddenly increased, Jon headed to a public hospital in Nanshan.


Within minutes, Jon was told he was in critical condition - due to heart issues! In actuality Jon had  a stomach ulcer. Jon's friend, an experienced American ER nurse, had already suspected this but the doctor repeatedly dismissed  the idea.

Realistically, western trained doctors are typically better trained than locally trained physicians. Western schools teach better critical thinking skills to allow superior diagnosing. We're not saying Chinese doctors are necesarily bad, just not as good.

How's their Bedside Manner?

Does the Gym actually use the air conditioning? Do they tolerate smoking inside? Do they actually open early / late? Try to ask other customers to see if there are any problems.

Does Privacy exist?  Distractions? 

In China, this is disturbingly common in public hospitals:

"Even if the doctor is in the middle of sewing stitches in-between your eyeballs ...other patients will still interrupt the doctor. Every appointment in a public hospital has been the same. Honestly, it's kinda scary"

. Patient privacy and 'wait your turn' haven't found their way here yet. If there is a door, lock it. But if there isn't, your out of luck: patients likely will barge in on your time with the doctor.

Besides being annoying, distracted doctors [external link] are dangerous. Missing an important symptom, miswriting a prescription could all end up harming your health. 

Does Privacy exist?  Distractions? 

It's not absolutely necessary, but having a clinic who works well with your insurance provider can make life much easier. Dealing with overseas insurance providers isn't terribly fun. We've done that.

"Having an insurance provider deal directly with the doc and clinic is fantastic. We've done it manually and it took weeks and multiple calls to figure it all out."

If you don't have private medical insurance check out the links here (coming Jan 2020)

How to Choose a Good Hospital

in Shenzhen China


Unfortunately, no matter how many times you're told... drinking hot water isn't a cure for everything. Chinese medicine is radically different from western medicine.


Finding a good doctor in China can be hard. Obviously, you want an English-speaking doctoraffordable costs, convenient location & hours preferably direct-billing. But most westerners also want something more: western-style healthcare. Unfortunately, most hospitals in China lack that.


To make it easier, we've reviewed local doctors: pediatricians, English-speaking OBGYNs, G.P.'s and more inspected western hospital in Shenzhen. Some didn't make the cut - they beneath a western veneer was a very local clinic. Here's our top picks.


Nanshan District, Near HouHai

Vista-SK Medical Centre

Languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese


Hong Kong University Hospital of Shenzhen


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