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Want to find a gym near you? Whatever your fitness goal is, there's a gym for you in SZ.

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Before you sign a contract

with a new gym in China

Before you sign away your life, ensure you take some basic precautions to avoid getting ripped off from a gym in China. Many'a foreigner have fallen into the traps of Shenzhen Fitness Gyms.

Don't go in wearing a suit or anything expensive. Do bring someone who can speak Chinese, if possible.... and even if you are a foreigner who can speak Chinese, you'll still probably get a foreigner price. sorry :(

In our experience, most gym staff have very poor English. However, usually, 1 or 2 staff will have 'okay' English. Try to find them; it will make the next steps much easier. If not, get your translate apps ready. We suggest using the Dear Translate App for conversations & Wechat for writing.

PS. Good job on choosing to be fit. It's not always fun, but is worth it! Jiayou!

1. Scope out the competition

There's a lot of gyms in Shenzhen. A lot! A reasonably priced contract will likely be 

1500-3000 / year. That's a large range because it all depends on where the gym is.


A downtown Futian gym will usually cost more than a Baoan gym. And gyms in Shekou will almost surely cost more than Longhua or Longsheng gyms. D

You need to scope out your area to find whats a bargain. Ask friends, coworkers and acquaintances what they paid to get a better estimate. You can potentially lower the price by choosing a gym farther from home (or work) but you may be less likely to use it.

Just be prepared to walk away as well; Go back to the elevator and (hopefully) watch the price come crashing down ("the elevator walk").

2. Ask "How long in business?"

Ask: " Zhège jiànshēnfáng kāile duōjiǔ "

"I've heard of people buying a years card and the gym disappeared a few months later ...they'll set everything up, promote and market the hell out of it for a month or two, then up and disappear with all the money and one day"


"one friend paid and they informed him that the following week would be under construction. Needless to say they never reopened . And he paid 5500"


You can also get big price breaks for multiple years; The problem is, many gyms come and go quickly in Shenzhen. Competition is high in Shenzhen, so gyms do fail regularly. 


Getting 1 year+ memberships is inherently risky with young gyms. Paying month to month is extremely rare in China, so be prepared to pay upfront. Opening with grand spectacle, struggling for a few weeks or months, then closing the doors without refunding any money.  To be cautious just ask how long in business"

3. Ask for a free trial

Say "wǒ xiǎng shì yīxià sān (3) cì tǐyàn de huódong"


"Remember, there's rarely an opportunity to do monthly payment memberships. Its almost always pay upfront, so if you don't like it after a month your'e stuck, so choose wisely."

"Try before you buy" Before talking contracts, try to get a few free gym sessions in; at least one, preferably a few times at different times of the day/week. You can learn a lot from other customers. Try to find out:

  • Does the Gym actually use the air conditioning?

  • Do they tolerate smoking inside?

  • Do they actually open early / late?


Of course gym staff will say yes, but that doesn’t mean its true. Try to ask other customers to see if there are any problems. this is easiest done in the locker rooms or outside.

4. Negotiate nicely

tài guì le (too expensive)

You can usually negotiate quite a bit; they give their sales reps a minimum price, and they [may] try to say whatever price they think you will pay. Don't go in wearing a suit or anything expensive. Do bring someone who can speak Chinese, if possible.

Trainers and staff typically earn low wages, and work long hours 6 days / week, living in dorms with all the other trainers. Their lives can be hard so being friendly and kind can go a long way in building a good relationship with them. Don't be a jerk when negotiating.

In fact, asking about their lives will teach you a lot about real-life in China AND having real friends at the gym can help motivate you to keep going and push harder.

5. Negotiate later in the month

"These guys get a poor salary and make most money off of commision. If they aren;t meeting sales targets, they will give great prices.... try on the 3rd or 4th week of the month"

Gyms staff often have sales quotas. Therefore, they may be more inclined to give a better deal later in the month. 

6. Negotiate for extras......


"I've negotiated a few times. My experience: rarely will they drop the price much, but you may have a better chance of negotiating a few extra months in (at the same price)."

" Seems they have more freedom to add free stuff in without higher management knowing than to lower the price"


Sometimes it seems prices can't be negotiated. If you can't lower the price, see if you can bargain for other perks, including extra months at no extra charge.

  • Towel service (uncommon)

  • Extra guest passes

  • Free personal training sessions

  • Anything else you can think of


So if prices can’t be negotiated, try for perks. Jiayou!

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