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Tired of free VPN's yet? Free V,P'Ns cost you time, patience & they even sell your personal data. Yet for about ~25 cents a day, you can get back Instagram, the BBC, Google, Netflix & some sanity! But with so many options, what V,P'Ns are actually good?  


#NotExpress,V,P'N,.That's been spotty for years. Don't fall for flashy marketing; the best V,P'Ns are less well known. We've tried a lot of V,P'Ns and while no V,P'N works 100% of the time in China, both As'trill &  12V,P'N  options come pretty darn close, don't throttle your speed, won't sell your data & can maintain a connection for way longer.  We use both V,P'Ns everyday! 

Slow... Constantly reconnecting...  Stupid "loading" ads? 



  • Super-easy setup & use

  • Seemless server-swtiches



  • Unlimited connections*

  • Crazy cheap if shared



  • More customizable

  • Unlimited connections*


  • 3 Supercharged servers

  • Higher price > better mb/s


Astrill + 12VPN

  • Best of both worlds

  • Never without connection

  Feb 2020 Update:  In China now, everyone is at home... and everyone is using the internet pretty much 24/7. Combined with a crackdown by the authorities means many are experiencing slower overall internet. So a fast VPN is extra important.


Our favourite VPN remains Astrill with very steady service. It did recently have a price jump but we still are very satisfied with its service and using Netflix with it has been 97%  hassle-free. 12 Vpn still goes strong as well though recently we've had a little difficulty when trying to use Netflix on some servers, likely due to overall slower internet speeds across china #StupidCorona

Around since 2009, As'trill V.P;N is one of our 2 favourite VPNs here at the HealthyShenzhen office. We literally use it every day. It's fast, reliable and they don't do any scammy pricing "deals"; their prices basically stay the same all year round.


+ One of the fastest VPNs

+ Little downtime, way less than ExpressVPN

+ VIP add-on can prioritize your traffic (extra)

+ Smart Mode usually works well

+ Very easy to set-up, reliable, great reputation



- More Expensive ($120/year)

- iOS app is kinda ugly

- Customer service is just OK

- Can take a 30-60s to build a connection


As'trill markets themselves as a premium VPN: All-in-one, easy to set-up and very reliable, so they price themselves at $10 / month, which equals 33 cents a day. Good price for easy sanity.


They allow up to 5 simultaneous connections so, you can easily split the cost with a friend / family.  

One of our tech-minded colleagues has used used As'trill for over 6 years,  as its "just better" than other VPNs. You can just stop researching and complaining about shoddy VPNs.


We use it daily and it's pretty great. Only twice in 2 years have we had any difficult periods, which their tech support team quickly solved.



More Info about about Ast'rill V'P'N


Up to 5 Connections: You can install As'trill on unlimited devices, and up to 5 users can use it at the same time. For comparison, Express VPN only offers 3 simultaenous connections.  This makes Astrill great for families, small business and well...everyone. 


Little Downtime: While we've heard of many Express users having spikes in outages, many As'trill users have swore of having almost-zero downtime for months, even leaving their VPN "always-on" without problem. We don't know how they do it, but we like it! 


Faster Local Apps: With As'trill's Smart Mode, only data leaving China uses the VPN. Data for local sites & apps like Wechat, Taobao & Mobike won't be slowed by exiting China & re-entering (Most VPNs do not do this, even Express).



Longer Connection Life: Smart mode can also make your VPN connection last longer. Firewall computers are constantly trying to track VPNs and shut them down but with Smart Mode on "half" your data stays in China misleading the firewall bots for longer.


Ease of Use: As'trill has dozens of servers but we just float between the China- Supercharged servers and the China-Optimized" servers and the servers" - we don't seem to need anything else. This includes when trying to watch Netflix - no real issues. 



What could be improved:


Using Youtube & Connecting via PC is  occasionally slightly annoying, needing a manual change to get it working well

Customer Service reviews online are hit or miss. We personally haven't ever had a problem needing that, and our tech support experience has been great.


The iOS App is ugly and less useful than its beautiful Android counterpart. Likely this will be updated.

> Go to As'

Though established 2007,  you probably haven't heard of Hong Kong's 12V,P'N... but that's a very good thing. As a smaller provider with fewer users, they are more discrete than larger providers, so they rarely experience outages.


Being small, and barely advertising allows them to offer such a value-priced product, and it also allows them better control over customer service. Over 99% of their customers are in mainland China so they really specialize their product for mainland use.


12V,P'N has provided the best customer service we've ever had with a V,P'N. They have very helpful tips for setting up your devices, routers etc. Just this means its a little lss easy to set-up.


+ Incredible value, just $53/year (on promo)

+ Amazing customer support

+ Unlimited devices & connections*

+ Smart routing + customization possible

+ Almost instantaneous connections

+ Locals can get it too via different apps



- Speeds can be great! But sometimes they're just okay. need to run speed tests more often

- Torrenting is restricted to specific servers

- Customization may confuse some users

- Last year they required an app change



Standard 12V,P'N pricing is $71.88 / year, but with the HEALTHY promo code (Thanks for that 12VPN!) the price drops 25% further to $53.

That equals 15 cents a day or a $1 / week. Amazing. That comes with many connections allowing you to share with a friend or two.


More Info about 12 V'P'N


Almost Instantaneous Connections: We don't understand how, but we find in Shenzhen, that their network almost always connects crazy fast.


*Unlimited Connections: Unlimited simultaneous users are allowed, though only one user can connect to each server a time. They have dozens of server though so you can comfortably support multiple devices / a few users.


Smart Routing: With 12VPN's Smart Routing, data used locally, like Wechat, isn’t sent through the VPN. This speeds up apps and keeps your connection hidden better.


Simple or Advanced: Our tech-guy loves 12 because they offer him access to so many VPN protocols and options that the rest of us don't understand….and the rest of us like it because you can also just keep it simple. 12 can do either, and their tech support can guide you either way.

> Go to 12V,P'

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