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About Vista-SK

Vista-SK International Medical Center is a premier healthcare clinic located near Houhai, in Nanshan District, Shenzhen.


Vista-SK’s features internationally trained medical staff and a top-quality, modern clinic which includes on-site pharmacy, lab services, ultrasound, X-ray and a CT Scanner as well as a day-surgery centre.


Specialities available include  Women’s Health & Ob/Gyn,  Pediatrics,  Mental Health & Psychiatry,  Rehabilitation,  Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM),  Chiropractic,  Acupuncture and Dental.


In addition to English-speaking doctors, Korean & Japanese-speaking doctors are also available.

한국어가 가능한 의사


The Vista-SK Team

vista-sk medicl clininc dr benjamin lee family medicine doctor

Dr. Benjamin Lee

Family Medicine

English & Korean Speaking  Physician

Dr Kristine Lim


English & Korean Speaking Gynaecologist


Dr. Kathy Zhang

General Medicine

English & Chinese Speaking Physician


Dr. James Guo

Family Medicine

Chinese & English-Speaking GP

+ 16 more physicians

 Dr Ben Lee of Seoul Korea 

 Dr Frank Chen & RN Lily 

 English-fluent Pharmacists 

 On-site Xray, CT Scan &  Ultrasound 


Dr Jason Li Zheng, Acupuncturist


Tennis elbow hurts like crazy. It makes cooking, typing, exercising & everything a pain, literally. After a few weeks of trying the usual, my arm hadn't healed. My injury was changing from acute to chronic. The pain and stiffness had now spread down to my wrist and up to my shoulder.

I'd never tried acupuncture before. I'm not afraid of needles, I just wasn't convinced it would work. But after just one acupuncture treatment with Dr Jason, everything improved -pain dropped fast, range-of-motion freed up quick and the healing kicked into turbo.


Everyone is afraid of pain with acupuncture, but there's no need. The tiny needles don't hurt, even once hooked up to electricity to stimulate the muscles (they twitch). The only real pain was a pre-treatment arm massage (to loosen the muscle knots) and some discomfort with swelling after the treatment.


After weeks of pain, just two 30-minute sessions of acupuncture reversed everything. I wished I tried it sooner. Thanks Dr Jason!

 English Fluency:  Excellent    Bedside Manners:  Excellent     Follow-up:  Thorough

Dr Rhoda, Psychiatrist

Mental Health Checkup 

My spouse had started acting differently. Her emotions had become unstable. She started crying regularly, and then crying more. Something was off.


We tried more exercise, diet changes, seeing a counsellor...but it wasn't enough. We saw another doctor, ruled out other causes and tried some medications, but they helped but didnt help enough. She wasn't herself anymore.


We eventually heard Vista-SK had an English-fluent, foreign-trained psychiatrist. After a consulation and some follow-up we finally got the right diagnosis, and found the right medication (without side effects). It took some time, but I don't know where we'd be without the help of Dr Rhoda. She was very patient, knowledgable, and explained everything in an easy-to-understand. Vista medical also also worked with us to make the insurance and coverage work.


I was also impressed with how clean and modern Vista Clinic was, and the great English of all the staff. Very refreshing for China.


- Name Withheld, British

 English Fluency:  Excellent    Bedside Manners:  Excellent     Follow-up:  Thorough

Dr Wang, Family Medicine (GP)

Annual Health Check-up

Review found on (Japanese)

 English Fluency:  Excellent    Bedside Manners:  Excellent     Follow-up:  Thorough

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Vista-SK Address:


Level 4, Building 4C,

Shenzhen Software Industry Base, Xuefa Road, Nanshan 





Vista-SK Opening Hours


9:00 am- 8:00 pm daily

Open 365 days / year

Vista-SK Contact Info


(0755) 3689 9688- ​24 hours

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Taking a taxi or Didi is the easiest way to access the clinic. 

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